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Excalibur Standards

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 29, 2008 by Bilal

Welcome back after the weekend…!

since last week i have been feeling unfit. the weekend was quiet booring and even i was on leave on Monday.

yesterday ( tuesday) also, i was not feeling welll. today much better but now (at this time ), a lil bit fever again…! 😦

Yesterday, i had been working on the transkey programmer, more speciafically, the OCU TYPE bit. but finally it has been solved today. the api has been generated with proper comments and versioning.

yesterday, i has started the Excalibur standards. they are still in progress and hopefully they will be ready ( all pass) till Friday.

Mr. umair naseer has faced and accident on late friday night. we went to c him in rasheed hospital defence. 2morrow morning, he will be operated…!  best wishes for him.

chillllll till NEXt


Transkey Programmer

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 24, 2008 by Bilal

the main task for today was to test the yesterday implemented Transkey Programmer.

All command workng well except one (OCU TYPE).

another boring activity was to trace back the Albert’s report error of “Checking 32 relay board”.

by the way, i was not feeling well today; a lil bit ( or ++ )  fever ; although much better now but not 100% fine.

c u after the weekend.

Table Extractor

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 22, 2008 by Bilal

as usual its the blog of Wednesday, 21st May. i m thinking that i should stop adding these remarks in the start of each blog and instead add these comments wen a blog is written on the same day ( 😉 ).

all the day long i hav been working on the report.

extract tesct case from the xl document and convert them to html. then extract the table from the html file and add in the Sequence File.

app 150+ test scripts have been updated.

Unity-M, CT24_32, MKU done……………!

chilll till NEXT.

Report Optimization

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2008 by Bilal

Welcome once again after a long gap. it 12:40 AM and i m about to leave. as usual, this blog belongs to Tuesday, 20th May.

i have been working on the report i.e. including the EXCEL test case description in the report. initially inline frame was selected. imade a tool to add the header in the code.

but, now the approach has been changed, i m using the re-formatted table in the description.

now, i have made another utility for extracting the required data with changes from the HTML report of the test case. its UI updates are still remaining.

Yesterday, it rained last night and today the weather was very pleasent. wind speed was soo high that it was diffuclut to drive a bike in a straight line.

office attendance has been started since yesterday. and yesterday there were 2 DEATHS, khawaja nazeer and the relative of yasen sb.

  انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

ATM Demo

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 14, 2008 by Bilal

Its 1:07 AM; May 14th.

I m writing this blog for Monday and Tuesday (as usuall late).

our timing has been temporarily changed to 9:00 AM. yesterday Mr. Haroon arrived at PS19. we had a lunch at village.

Today ATM demo was given to him.

I hav been working alone on MKU standard 17 to change its timer for the last 1:30 hour but still timer is remaining ( it has been upgraded to sequence call based).

It is not possible  for me to carry on with RED eyes and open mount.

so remaining tomorrow

The Dusting Day

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 10, 2008 by Bilal

After picking the file from Raza Mehdi, i was in da office at about 3:30 PM.

Standard’s Updates were successfully completed last nite.

today i hav spent the time in updating the timer from Teststand to DLL based.

some time was also dedicated for the automation of CC.

the ATM room or better to say, ATM Equipments were cleaned today and the unwanted items were placed to their proper place, also some shiftting of the tables.

most important: Haider got a private portion 😉 .

Chill till Monday and get ready for BABA JI….!  🙂

ohhhhh, i forgot to add 1 thing: today for the first time, I hav posted the blog on its own date ( not the next date ..)

MKU Standards

Posted in Blog of the Day with tags on May 10, 2008 by Bilal

welcome once again!

as usual this blog is for Friday, 9th May. its 6:36 AM , 10 May; and i m about to leave for home…! 😉

I hav been nusy updating the MKU Standards all the previous days. it was really a piece of …. to update them.

Today, Unity ATM 2.0.4 (Specials) was released..! lets c wat happens. 😦

hope to come back soon for a ON Saturday. 🙂