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welcome back after a loooooooong time!

Past eid mubarak…!

well, Ramazan has passsed smothly, i had my 3 days itekaf. and eid was surely unexpected.

at PS19, before Eid,  ATM 2.2.5 has been shipped including CAN and eFLP.

Now, Modular MCU is in progress while RCL2 ATM has been assigned to me.

still no new resource in ATM, Haider has finally shifted beside me.

Today the meeting was chaired by Haider. Its his 2nd chance, much better than 1st one.

okay, time to leave,

c u later.




Posted in Blog of the Day, weekly meeting with tags , on May 7, 2008 by Bilal


Today, i was in the office before 2:45 PM. (and now i m about to leave hopeully.)

I had been working at the installer all the day long.

about 1.75 hours were spent in the meeting. the most interesting thing is that for the time being we are going to implement the LCD through message pop ups.

Currently, i had re-designed the installer accourding to the new folder structure.

Extra features will b added 2morrow. Inshallah.

Also, got the mail of mr. asif, sent him the script, and got the confirmation about the database installation.

a mail was also sent to mr. nasir z.