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2 Years Back

Posted in Old Memories with tags , , , , , , , , on October 24, 2009 by Bilal

About 2 years ago or if speaking more precisely 365+365+2 = 732 days ago I joined the prestigious company Powersoft19 (PS19).  I stayed there until I went to Saudi Arabia.

During my stay there, I learned a lot of new things. I have no doubt in saying that money is not everything, sometimes people whom with you spend your time are more important. It is easy to earn money but it is hard to find good people.

There are many names to recall but I will not be digging them much deep.

The first ‘culprit’ is Asad Ali who pulled me in the Powersoft family (yes pulled..!). Although he was not there to give me company but the credit goes to him.

ATM team comes next: Haider Miraj, Habibullah and my team lead Mr. Asim Rehmat. Although there were other people also but these were very close to me at work. We stayed together, passed the free time together (after major shippments) and worked together to meet the tight shipment deadlines, sometimes even full nights also.

The next person is Atique-ur-Rehman. Although we don’t share the same building but he was my “Help Line” before or after the Google (and the credit goes to gtalk).

There are many other to recall: other development teams, the Mega Team i.e. the Q.A. ;), the office staff and others..

After skipping many names, I would feel myself guilty if I don’t mention the name of the CEO Mr. Hassan Akbar whose doors were always open to the members of PS19 family. His kind and humble nature was (and even is) a source of great aspiration for me.

I could recall many things of that period: playing badminton, table tennis, snooker, hide n seek with network (yes!!); ON Saturdays, aftaries in Ramazan, On the House, No Boundary Meetings, the Eid Lunches and the list goes on ….

I dedicate this to all the people who were, who are and who will be the part of PS19 Family.

This blog was started in April 2008 and it contains the post till my stay in PS. It has not been written soo regularly but still it will give you some insight about my experience and our way of work. Initially its access was private but it does not contains anything tooo personal, juss one 2 two sentences at the end of the post. If u wish to go through this blog then go through the reverse chronological way starting from the first post of April 2008.

I would end this post with a message to ATM team members especially to my team lead:

“Boss! ‘its’ still very cheap…..”

[If you don’t understand this (and you should not), contact him for details, not me..!]